After three years of racing and some truly great times, we must say farewell to team rider Neko Mulally. An awesome racer, former US National Champ and a pillar of the US and international downhill scenes.

“For us a race team is like a family that not only lives and travels together, but also faces challenges and grows together. Neko has been a big part of this team and family, and we could not imagine anyone better who could have represented our team and sponsors. We wish Neko all the best, and look forward to seeing what he has planned next.” INTENSE Factory Racing

“Everyone at INTENSE will miss Neko, he was a great ambassador for the brand and for mountain biking itself. During his time with INTENSE his focus, determination, enthusiasm and pure love of the sport was inspiring. Thank you for everything Neko, and good luck with your future plans.” INTENSE

“Neko and I have been teammates for over half of my career. He's been with me through some of my best days and some of my absolute worst. The same is also true in reverse. It's crazy for me to sit back and think about how far we've both come in our careers and our lives since we first were teammates back in 2011. At that time, I hadn't won my first World Cup yet and Neko was still a Junior eating four plates of food every meal! There's been so many good memories since that time. I'm truly excited for Neko and his plans moving forward. I know that with both of our future plans, we'll be riding and hanging out probably more than ever, but I'm going to miss having him in the pits a lot. Thank you for everything you've done and contributed to this team the past three years dude. You've been an encouragement and constant inspiration to all of us. I hope you kill it with your new venture and I'll be seeing you soon!” Aaron Gwin

“I’m grateful for my time on the INTENSE Factory Racing team and have made some awesome memories with everyone involved. It was an honor to ride for INTENSE, a brand with so much heritage in the sport of Downhill, driven by racing. I grew up watching INTENSE bikes win races, so it was rad to be able to race one myself. I want to say a special thanks to Aaron, who has owned and operated the team for the past three years and went far beyond being a great teammate. He is an amazing dude and I’m glad to call him one of my best friends. Best of luck to everyone in the future!” Neko Mulally

More news on the INTENSE Factory Race team very soon.