Just like waiting for a bus, you stand there for hours, then two turn up at once! And so it is with INTENSE team rider Claire Buchar and some recent podcasts that she recorded. First came Andrea Helleman’s Lawless Podcast, quickly followed by the team at Donuts & Bikes!

Claire has been in this bike game long enough to know about pretty much every side of the sport, and there are some great insights here. The two podcasts are very different to one another, The Lawless Podcast being the Yin to the Donuts & Bikes Yang.

“As an athlete everything translates to life, your discipline, hard work, commitment, passion and never giving up. Beautiful, calming, thoughtful and provoking. More about life than just mountain biking.”
Andrea Helleman, The Lawless Podcast

“Becoming a World Cup Racer involves much more than learning to be a good rider. Coaching at the highest level is more than just teaching. Claire Buchar knows these things. We discuss Claire’s formative experiences as a racer, and how she has translated those learnings into coaching, and life in general.” Donuts & Bikes