Cassie Voysey - From AUS to Mont Sainte Anne

Cassie Voysey - From AUS to Mont Sainte Anne


Words - Mike Sleeter

Photos - Matt Rouso -

             - David Sharp

Cassie Voysey  has been on the radar for the last 4 years to make that transition to the Elite women’s class in the World Cups but with the last few years of a pandemic and injuries it has slowed down the momentum of the very soft spoken Aussie DH racer.


 For those who know Cassie they will tell you how quiet, humble and soft spoken she is but once she is between the tape she is fierce and determined to win. Coming through the jr ranks Cassie was winning and winning a lot. As a rider progresses through the ranks things get tougher to dominate and Cassie has been going through that transition to the elite women’s class where the gals mean business. With a pandemic, races being cancelled the last two years Cassie was not scared to travel in tough circumstances competing in the Crank Worx world series and letting the globe know she’s someone to take notice of.  After a successful run at the Crankworx in NZ Cassie came back to race some key Domestic races where she would have some crashes that would force her to hit the reset button multiple times.


The ups and downs didn’t stop Cassie from chasing her goal to race a UCI DH world cup. She once again was fearless in traveling the world with here M29 in a box and some FOX gear in her bag. She arrived at Leogang to some wet conditions and an overwhelming feeling of pressure realising she has worked her entire race career for this moment. The pressure was on and unfortunately with some conditions she wasn’t familiar with Cassie failed to qualify for the show. Many would be devastated and frustrated but Cassie took the hard day and learned from it and flew back to Australia to do her training in preparation for the next round she would keep in.


It was time for Cassie to get back on the big bird and head to her next world cup in Canada for Mont Sainte Anne where she would give it another shot. Practice went well and it was going to be dry for qualifying where Cassie would drop in accomplish the thing, she wanted to do for our almost a decade. Cassie qualified for the big show and dropped in on race day with a line up the World’s fastest women would showcase their talent. Cassie crossed the finish line with a 14th overall and overwhelming amount of emotion that she’s now one of the best women DH riders in the world.


From Mont Sainte Anne Cassie flew to Whistler where she will do some party laps and join her Intense Australia teammate Danni Beecroft for Crankworx Whistler. In closing we want to congratulate Cassie on her latest success, and we can’t wait to see her accomplish her next goal. I hope this story impowers you to never give up and live the Intense For Life lifestyle.